The Murderers

Created on December 15th, 2006

Columbo Episode 1: Prescription Murder (1968):
Dr Ray Berry (Psychiatrist) Played By Gene Berry
Motive: Sex

Columbo Episode 2: Ransom for a Dead Man (1971):
Leslie Williams (Lawyer) Played by Lee Grant
Motive: Insurance Money

Columbo Episode 3: Murder By The Book (1971):
Ken Franklin (Writer) Played by Jack Cassidy
Motive: Insurance Money

Columbo Episode 4: Death Lends A Hand (1971):
Mr. Brimmer (President of Private Investigation Company) Played By Robert Culp
Motive: Anger

Columbo Episode 5: Dead Weight (1971):
General Martin Hollister (Retired General) Played by Eddie Albert
Motive: Prevent Being Exposed (Rigging Government Contracts)

Columbo Episode 6: Suitable For Framing (1971):
Dale Kingston (Art Critic) Played by Ross Martin
Motive: Greed

Columbo Episode 7: Lady In Waiting (1971):
Beth Chadwick (Advertising Company Owner) Played by Susan Clark
Motive: Family Differences

Columbo Episode 8: Short Fuse (1972):
Roger Stanford (Chemist) Played by Roddy McDowell
Motive: Greed

Columbo Episode 9: Blueprint For Murder (1972):
Mr Markham (Architect) Played by Patrick O’Neal
Motive: Greed

Columbo Episode 10: Etude In Black (1972):
Alex Benedict (Conductor) Played by John Cassavetes
Motive: Sex

Columbo Episode 11: The Greenhouse Jungle (1972)
Jarvis Goodland (Trustee) Played by Ray Milland
Motive: Trust Money

Columbo Episode 12: The Most Crucial Game (1972):
Paul Hanlon (Sports Franchise Operator) Played by Robert Culp
Motive: Sex

Columbo Episode 13: Dagger Of A Mind (1972):
Nicholas Frame (Actor) Played by Richard Basehart
Motive: Fame

Columbo Episode 14: Requiem for a Falling Star (1973):
Nora Chandler (Actress) Played by Anne Baxter
Motive: Prevent Being Exposed (Killed Husband)

Columbo Episode 15: A Stitch In Time (1973):
Dr Barry Mayfield (Surgeon) Played by Leonard Nimoy
Motive: Fame

Columbo Episode 16: The Most Dangerous Match (1973):
Emmett Clayton (Chessmaster) Played by Laurence Harvey
Motive: Fame

Columbo Episode 17: Double Shock (1973):
Norman Paris (Cooking Show Host) Played by Martin Landau
Motive: Greed (Uncle’s Estate)

Columbo Episode 18: Lovely But Lethal (1973):
Viveca Scott (Cosmetics Company President) Played by Vera Miles
Motive: Anger (Stolen Formula)

Columbo Episode 19: Any Old Port In A Storm (1973):
Adrian Carsini (Winemaker) Played by Donald Pleasence
Motive: Greed (Wine, Vineyard Landownership)

Columbo Episode 20: Candidate For Crime (1973):
Nelson Hayward (Senate Candidate) Played by Jackie Cooper
Motive: Sex (Affair)

Columbo Episode 21: Double Exposure (1974):
Dr. Bart Keppler (Motivational Film Maker) Played by Robert Culp
Motive: Greed

Columbo Episode 22: Publish Or Perish (1974):
Riley Greenleaf (Publisher) Played by Jack Cassidy
Motive: Greed (Insurance Proceeds)

Columbo Episode 23: Mind over Mayhem (1974):
Dr. Marshal Cahill (Head of Think Tank) Played by Jose Ferrer
Motive: Fame (Son’s Reputation)

Columbo Episode 24: Swan Song (1974):
Tommy Brown (Musician) Played by Johnny Cash
Motive: Greed

Columbo Episode 25: A Friend in Deed (1974):
Commissioner Halperin (Police Commissioner) Played by Richard Kiley
Motive: Greed (Wife’s Assets)

Columbo Episode 26: An Exercise In Fatality (1974):
Milo Janus (Health Club Operator) Played by Robert Conrad
Motive: Prevent Being Exposed (Overcharging Franchise Holders)

Columbo Episode 27: Negative Reaction (1974):
Paul Galesko (Photographer) Played by Dick Van Dyke
Motive: Sex

Columbo Episode 28: By Dawn’s Early Light (1974):
Colonel Lyle C. Rumford (Military Academy Director) Played by Patrick McGoohan
Motive: Prevent Coed Military Academy

Columbo Episode 29: Troubled Waters (1975):
Hayden Danziger (Automotive Dealership Owner) Played by Robert Vaughn
Motive: Sex

Columbo Episode 30: Playback (1975):
Harold van Wyck (Inventor) Played by Harold van Wyck
Motive: Greed

Columbo Episode 31: A Deadly State of Mind (1975):
Dr Marcus Collier (Psychology Researcher) Played by George Hamilton
Motive: Sex

Columbo Episode 32: Forgotten Lady (1975):
Grace Wheeler Willis (Actress) Played by Janet Leigh
Motive: Fame

Columbo Episode 33: A Case of Immunity (1975):
Hassan Salah (Embassy Ambassador) layed by Hector Elizondo
Motive: Greed

Columbo Episode 34: Identity Crisis (1975):
Nelson Brenner (CIA Intelligence Officer) Played by Patrick McGoohan
Motive: Greed

Columbo Episode 35: A Matter of Honor (1976):
Luis Montoya (Former Bullfighter) Played by Ricardo Montalban
Motive: Fame

Columbo Episode 36: Now You See Him (1976):
Stefan Mueller (Magician The Great Santini) Played by Jack Cassidy
Motive: Prevent Being Exposed (Nazi Concentration Camp Officer)

Columbo Episode 37: Last Salute To The Commodore (1976):
Swanny Swanson (Manager of Boat Business) Played by Fred Draper
Motive: Greed

Columbo Episode 38: Fade In To Murder (1976):
Ward Fowler (Actor) Played by William Shatner
Motive: Blackmail

Columbo Episode 39: Old Fashioned Murder (1976):
Ruth Lytton (Museum Curator) Played by Joyce Van Patten
Motive: Family Differences

Columbo Episode 40: The Bye-Bye Sky High I.Q. Murder Case (1977):
Oliver Brandt (Accountant) Played By Theodore Bikel
Motive: Prevent Being Exposed (Embezzlement)

Columbo Episode 41: Try and Catch Me (1977):
Abigail Mitchell (Writer) Played by Ruth Gordon
Motive: Revenge

Columbo Episode 42: Murder under Glass (1978):
Paul Gerard (Food Critic) Played by Louis Jourdan
Motive: Prevent Being Exposed (Protection)

Columbo Episode 43: Make Me a Perfect Murder (1978):
Kay Freestone (Television Producer) Played by Kay Freestone
Motive: Revenge

Columbo Episode 44: How to Dial a Murder (1978):
Dr. Eric Mason (Psychology Researcher) Played by Nicol Williamson
Motive: Sex

Columbo Episode 45: The Conspirators (1978):
Joe Devlin (Writer) Played by Clive Revill
Motive: Doublecross

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