Columbo: Short Fuse

Created on December 17th, 2006

Columbo Episode 8
Original Air Date: January 19, 1972

Murder Weapon: Explosive
Motive: Control of Company
Alibi: Was at a nightclub with Buckner’s secretary
Foulup: Mechanic saw cigars in limo before Buckner left

Peter Falk as Columbo
Roddy McDowall as Roger Stanford (Murderer)
Ida Lupino as Doris Buckner
James Gregory as David Buckner (Victim)
William Windom as Everett Logan

Synopsis of Columbo: Short Fuse

Roger Stanford (Played by Roddy McDowall), a chemist a son of the founder of Stanford Chemicals, is about to be forced to resign from the company so that his stepfather, David Buckner (Played by James Gregory) can sell the family business to outsiders. Buckner’s chauffeur has built up a dossier on Roger that is quite thorough and damaging. If Roger doesn’t step down, Buckner is going to show his Aunt Doris the dossier. While feigning he’s going along with the idea, Roger has planned to kill his uncle and chauffeur using explosive loaded cigar cases. Just before the cigar explodes David Buckner calls and leaves a message on his wife answering machine. Columbo pieces together the explosive cigars from the words left on the answering machine about missing cigars, and the mechanic Fergie’s statement that the cigars were in the car when he clean it right before they left. Columbo traps Roger Stanford by riding a tram to the mountain estate an producing a cigar case, which he says is the missing case. Roger, knowing they’re explosive, gets anxious and blows his cover.

Interesting Information about Actors in Columbo: Short Fuse
Ida Lupino also starred as Edna, a victim in Columbo: Swan Song, where she is murdered by Tommy Brown (Played by Johnny Cash).

Roddy McDowall is famous for his role as an ape, Cornelius, in the Planet of the Apes movie series.

This is the second appearance of William Windom in a supporting role in Columbo. His first appearance was in Prescription: Murder as Burt Gordon, a friend of the murderer and lawyer in District Attorney’s Office.

James Gregory, who plays David Buckner (the victim in this Columbo), plays a supporting role in Columbo Episode 12 The Most Crucial Game (1972) as Coach Rizzo.

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