Columbo: Blueprint For Murder

Created on December 17th, 2006

Columbo: Blueprint for Murder

Columbo Episode # 9
Original Air Date: February 9, 1972

Peter Falk as Colombo
Patrick O’Neal as Elliott Markham (Murderer)
Forrest Tucker as Bo Williamson (Victim)
Pamela Austin as Jennifer Williamson
Janis Paige as Goldie Williamson

Synopsis of Blueprint for Murder

Elliott Markham, an architect with grand plans for a huge development known as Williamson City, kills wealthy Bo Williamson to gain access to his money and lovely young wife. Columbo is called in by the former Mrs. Williamson, Goldie, who says someone has killed her ex-husband. But Columbo goes to see the wrong Mrs. Williamson, Jennifer, a young dumb blond, and finds her along with Mr. Markham at a ground breaking party for Williamson City. When Bo Williamson’s car shows up at the airport Columbo is confused when he finds the car radio is tuned to classical music while all of the tapes in the car are country music. Columbo tries to visit Mr. Markham at his office, finds the model for Williamson City has been flattened by Bo Williamson, a wide selection of classical music albums and has his murderer. But where is the body? After excavating recently poured concrete piles of a building at Williamson City and not finding the body, Mr Markham tries to hide the body that night in the next form being poured. But Columbo knew he was being tricked, and was there waiting for Mr. Markham with the body.

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